Prolific Dreamer – What Was Your First Dream?

Dream #1 January 12, 1994

Surrounded by friends outside in a field. All of them were conversing in little groups and even good friends seemed to be ignoring me. I knew we were on either a field trip or a youth group retreat. *K (known female) was there. Teacher or adult says we can stay but another student said it might rain and that the water would be poisonous.

Dream shifts to a news reporter standing inside a plane talking about the dangerous high altitude air and dangerous temperature, somehow it´s supposed to relate to our situation.

Then dream shifts to a park like, amusement park situation and we take a tour on a protected and partially-roofed in monorail system. Again, danger of poisonous rain. Gradually fading shades of blue in sky. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

Friends – aspects or qualities of Self

Field – fertile mind substance, ready to receive imaged desires

*K (female) – subconscious aspect

Teacher (adult) – superconscious aspect

Water (rain) – conscious life experience

Reporter – subconscious aspect of self providing information

Plane – an organization, such as a company, a church, a club, etc.

Amusement Park – place in mind for entertainment, the game of life

Monorail – organization

Sky – superconscious existence

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

In life when we go out of our comfort zone of already-established beliefs, new experiences can be perceived as threatening because they go against what we have known our whole lives. This is the dilemma our Prolific Dreamer finds himself facing. The theme of this dream is attentiveness to the quality of the life experiences. The Prolific Dreamer enlists the aid of the subconscious and superconscious minds to help him acknowledge his capacity to receive more from his everyday experiences.

There are two organizations involved in his quest to “get somewhere”. The first is concerned with new ways to go a long distance. The second concerns a way the Prolific Dreamer sees life as a game. The difference between the airborne craft and the train tied to a rail may tell the dreamer the relative value of the two organizations in his life. In both cases, acknowledging healthier life choices is this dream’s message.

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