Prolific Dreamer – Quality Photos Get Her Attention

Journal 13 Dream #2267 August 20, 1999

First, I am with some women, like Oklahoma Woman Magazine or something. So I’m trying to get this one very pretty, thin, slightly dark-skinned girl. There’s this book that talks about how to attract the right woman, so I decide to use my resources to pursue this girl.

It’s like we’re in this giant warehouse or something and I make certain decisions that are different from what other people would do but I know they’re leading me in the right direction. Instead of selling my computer, I chose to use the software to create some photo quality prints. The girl was impressed. I remember jokingly biting her thigh to get her attention. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

women – unknown subconscious aspects

Oklahoma Woman Magazine – information

girl – unknown subconscious aspect

book – information available in the dreamer’s life

warehouse – signifies a state of mind holding something valuable

computer – the physical brain

photo prints – manifestation of a desire

thigh – movement of creative thought

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream is connecting to the inner self, particularly the dreamer’s capacity to visualize. The dream is relevant to what happened in the dreamer’s life the previous day. Our Prolific Dreamer used a universal law to access his subconscious potential. That law is the Law of Attraction. He was pulling on subconscious understandings rather than giving up on something he wanted. From information he had received in his waking life (things he has learned), he drew upon memory to manifest a desire, to make something happen. This furthered his creative experience in the now.

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