Prolific Dreamer – People, Places and Muscles!

The dreams below come from thousands of dream journal entries documented by Dr. Damian Nordmann for over 20 years.  These dreams were featured in an episode of The Prolific Dreamer, a weekly Youtube series where Dr. Barbara Condron, creator of, and Dr. Nordmann, President of the School of Metaphysics. discuss his dreams and the variety of dream topics that arise from them.

Journal 4  Dream #615   April 14, 1995

I’m at something like a School of Metaphysics teachers meeting.  We must be in one of the other school centers.  Many different things are happening.  Several of the guys start changing their clothes and I say that I like to observe people’s muscles particularly.  I distinctively remember seeing *D (male teacher). EOD

Translation of Symbols:
School of Metaphysics –  state of mind related to spiritual learning
Teachers Meeting – aspects of self unified in purpose
Guys –  conscious aspects of the dreamer
Clothes – tools for outer expression
Muscles – means of mobility
*D – Superconscious aspect

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream is how the Prolific Dreamer is using his authority.  This is a dream of experimentation.  The dreamer is not really sure where he is and his attention is scattered among “many different things.”  Although he wanted his focus to be upon his learning, it became how he is consciously stimulating reactions through different ways he is expressing himself.

In the end, this subconscious message directs our dreamer’s attention to his highest ideals as symbolized by *D.  He will find the authority he seeks in his own superconscious mind.

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