Prolific Dreamer – From Trains to Trash

Journal 6 Dream #868 March 14, 1996

I get on board this train with my cousins *B (male) and *J (male). There are other people on this train too. They (*B and *J) are being pretty obnoxious and I think *Je (another male) is there too talking about some psychedelic drug. We reach a stopping point and were on a beach of sorts. *K (female) is there and she and I run down the beach and almost trip and fall into some tracks. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

Train – an organization

*B, *J and *Je – conscious aspects of self, familiar to the dreamer

Beach – the area of action between the conscious and subconscious minds

*K – subconscious aspect of self, familiar to the dreamer

Train Tracks – plans for the organization to attain its goal

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream centers upon the Prolific Dreamer’s interaction in an organization the previous day. The dream informs him that there are ways he is consciously interacting which are pushy. This is highlighted by one aspect of himself talking about a psychedelic drug. No drugs are taken in the dream. This is important to acknowledge. The drug reference refers to a single conscious aspect of the dreamer. It is a way he is consciously thinking. The psychedelic drug symbolizes inner level access acquired through forceful means. This brings to our Prolific Dreamer’s awareness that he is both thinking and acting in ways that do not meet his approval. These are the parts of himself that he describes as being “pretty obnoxious”.

By stilling his mind, the dreamer can better navigate his emotions, inviting a synchronizing with an aspect of his inner, subconscious mind. By heeding his inner Self, our dreamer makes progress in accessing the inner levels. He does not have to consciously force anything.

Aligning with the aspect of Self symbolized by *K enables him to recognize, if haphazardly or “by accident”, the goal of the organization and how its members intend to accomplish that goal.

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