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One of 1000 dream journal entries documented by a single male dreamer over 20 years.  The Prolific Dreamer receives insight from our dreamologists into how the dream’s message relates to his everyday life.

Dream #337 September 22, 1994

Simultaneous action. I’m talking to *J (female known to me). I’m trying to find out if she wants to do anything. Parents, convenience store. Dressed up, I was. Blood dripping VCR movie with Enigma song. *J and I both doing math. Two girls carelessly trodding through my house dropping pens. I’m talk to guy later. He has a gun and so do I. We both lay our weapons down. Also something about *M. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

*J – subconscious aspect of the dreamer

Parents – Superconscious aspect

Store – place in universal mind

Clothes – how the dreamer is expressing the Self

Blood – life force

VCR/movie – product of the imagination

Song – harmony

Math – understanding of identity and relativity

Girls – unknown subconscious aspects

Pens – tool for communication

Gun – tool for change

*M – conscious aspect of the dreamer

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

This theme points to the dreamer relying upon a subconscious understanding to aid him in a change he wants to make in his identity. It is not just any change. This change is centered on how the dreamer influences others through universal mind. He wants to do so harmoniously. By reviewing his previous day, our Prolific Dreamer will find how he has been using his imagination energetically to stimulate himself and others, and perhaps what change he could have made and didn’t.

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