Prolific Dreamer – Back in High School Again

Dream #2394

I’m back in High School and I’m disgruntled because I don’t want to attend classes because they’re boring and stupid. I wander around the High School looking for my locker. When I find it, I know I don’t remember the combination so I think I should go to the main office and ask someone to look up my locker number and combination but I’m too embarrassed to do that. I’m thinking about just leaving. EOD


Translation of Symbols:

High School – place for learning

Classes – aspects focused on learning

Locker (see closet) – condition of the mind


Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream is the frustration that is connected to old ways of learning. These are signified by the Prolific Dreamer being back in high school. High school represents a way of learning that has come and gone. This dream reflects a resistance (disgruntled) that someone feels when there is a need to update the way they learn in their life. This leaves the dreamer unprepared for what life has to offer them, which is symbolized by the dreamer “looking for my locker” and not remembering its combination.

This dream presents a common occurrence worth noting for any dream interpreter. It is a good example illustrating what is actually symbolic in the dream and what is conceptual. Read the dream again, this time separating what occurs in the dream from the thoughts the Prolific Dreamer has about what is happening. For instance, the dreamer is in high school. The dreamer never goes to the main office. High school is a symbol in the dream because it actually exists. The main office is but a thought in the dreamer’s mind.

The dream’s message, gleaned from an interpretation of the symbols, is given in the paragraph above. The second half of the dream reveals the dreamer’s reaction to his own frustration in learning.

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