Prolific Dreamer – Abandoned Hotel

One of 1000 dream journal entries documented by one man over a period of 20 years.  The Prolific Dreamer gains insight into what his dreams are telling him about his waking life.

Dream #666  June 10, 1995

My dad and I go to stay at this desolate vacant hotel/motel. It’s cold out and I’m wondering how we will get heat when there is no one even operating the place. We almost kind of have to sneak in as well. *L (known female) and some other people actually are inside. *L and I are talking while she is on a bed. She asks me if I like her butt and I say yes. We talk for a while and I think she is very cute. There are other people but we don’t converse as much. EOD


Dad – Superconscious aspect

Temperature – measurement of extremes

Hotel –  Universal Mind

*L – subconscious aspect

Butt – thoughts relating to release

Other People – unknown, unidentified aspects of the dreamer

Bed – tool for assimilation

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The Prolific Dreamer is hiding something, from himself. To find out what, we examine the images in the dream in the Universal Language of Mind©. Perhaps the previous day, the dreamer went to extreme lengths to engage others to seemingly no avail. His efforts were empty because at first he did not accept the authority for his choices. By referencing a subconscious understanding of release, the dreamer can recognize why the hotel is empty in his dream. The dream’s message tells the Prolific Dreamer that when he lets go of an attitude represented by *L he will be more equipped to open his mind to the expansiveness of universal mind.

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