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About GLiDE
In current times, people are more inclined to talk about their dreams than they were fifty or even twenty years ago. Advances in the areas of psychology and neuroscience are affecting our beliefs about what’s going on when we sleep.  As a result how we see ourselves is changing almost daily.

Although some may remain in denial about the meaning or even the existence of dreams, advances in scientific sleep research conducted at colleges and universities around the world are monitoring dreams daily, nudging us to open our minds to life beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies.

The Global Lucid Dreaming Experiments are meant to document these transitions.  For the purposes of our research, we define LUCID DREAMING as the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming.

For 20 years, has been corresponding with dreamers worldwide, giving us a unique view of global trends.

For 10 years, GLiDE has enabled us to collect and research  dreams with a specific intent.  This offers a focused view on humanity’s changing consciousness.


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