Welcome Dreamschool Members and Scholars!  Below you’ll find the Dreamschool membership areas.  Click one of the pictures to get started!

Book Excerpts

Dreamschool Members receive excerpts from books like The Dreamer’s Dictionary and Master Living by Dr. Barbara Condron and Intuitive Dreaming by Dr. Laurel Clark.  These excerpts will enrich any dreamer’s life while asleep and awake!  Click here to go to your book excerpts!

The Study Hall

Here you will find weekly lessons to hone your dream interpretation skills for the entire year!  Dreamschool Members work with real dreams to formulate their interpretations and check their work alongside interpretations from dream experts.

Audio Podcasts

Dream experts cover many dream topics in these audio podcasts.

Dreamschool Virtual Classroom

Every Wednesday, you can join online master classes hosted by School of Metaphysics faculty. Here you can learn from people who write the books and lesson materials, make appearances as dream experts on TV and radio shows, and teach at the College of Metaphysics. This is your time to interact with them and learn from other dreamers’ questions.

Archived Webinars

Dreamschool webinar series cover a range of dream topics.  From nightmares and time travel to children’s dreams and the six elements of dreams, School of Metaphysics faculty share their insights into the vast world of dreaming.  Dreamschool Members have the opportunity to reference our collection of archived webinars to further their dream studies.

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