Prolific Dreamer – From Trains to Trash

Journal 6 Dream #868 March 14, 1996

I get on board this train with my cousins *B (male) and *J (male). There are other people on this train too. They (*B and *J) are being pretty obnoxious and I think *Je (another male) is there too talking about some psychedelic drug. We reach a stopping point and were on a beach of sorts. *K (female) is there and she and I run down the beach and almost trip and fall into some tracks. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

Train – an organization

*B, *J and *Je – conscious aspects of self, familiar to the dreamer

Beach – the area of action between the conscious and subconscious minds

*K – subconscious aspect of self, familiar to the dreamer

Train Tracks – plans for the organization to attain its goal

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream centers upon the Prolific Dreamer’s interaction in an organization the previous day. The dream informs him that there are ways he is consciously interacting which are pushy. This is highlighted by one aspect of himself talking about a psychedelic drug. No drugs are taken in the dream. This is important to acknowledge. The drug reference refers to a single conscious aspect of the dreamer. It is a way he is consciously thinking. The psychedelic drug symbolizes inner level access acquired through forceful means. This brings to our Prolific Dreamer’s awareness that he is both thinking and acting in ways that do not meet his approval. These are the parts of himself that he describes as being “pretty obnoxious”.

By stilling his mind, the dreamer can better navigate his emotions, inviting a synchronizing with an aspect of his inner, subconscious mind. By heeding his inner Self, our dreamer makes progress in accessing the inner levels. He does not have to consciously force anything.

Aligning with the aspect of Self symbolized by *K enables him to recognize, if haphazardly or “by accident”, the goal of the organization and how its members intend to accomplish that goal.

Prolific Dreamer – Back in High School Again

Dream #2394

I’m back in High School and I’m disgruntled because I don’t want to attend classes because they’re boring and stupid. I wander around the High School looking for my locker. When I find it, I know I don’t remember the combination so I think I should go to the main office and ask someone to look up my locker number and combination but I’m too embarrassed to do that. I’m thinking about just leaving. EOD


Translation of Symbols:

High School – place for learning

Classes – aspects focused on learning

Locker (see closet) – condition of the mind


Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream is the frustration that is connected to old ways of learning. These are signified by the Prolific Dreamer being back in high school. High school represents a way of learning that has come and gone. This dream reflects a resistance (disgruntled) that someone feels when there is a need to update the way they learn in their life. This leaves the dreamer unprepared for what life has to offer them, which is symbolized by the dreamer “looking for my locker” and not remembering its combination.

This dream presents a common occurrence worth noting for any dream interpreter. It is a good example illustrating what is actually symbolic in the dream and what is conceptual. Read the dream again, this time separating what occurs in the dream from the thoughts the Prolific Dreamer has about what is happening. For instance, the dreamer is in high school. The dreamer never goes to the main office. High school is a symbol in the dream because it actually exists. The main office is but a thought in the dreamer’s mind.

The dream’s message, gleaned from an interpretation of the symbols, is given in the paragraph above. The second half of the dream reveals the dreamer’s reaction to his own frustration in learning.

Prolific Dreamer – People, Places and Muscles!

The dreams below come from thousands of dream journal entries documented by Dr. Damian Nordmann for over 20 years.  These dreams were featured in an episode of The Prolific Dreamer, a weekly Youtube series where Dr. Barbara Condron, creator of, and Dr. Nordmann, President of the School of Metaphysics. discuss his dreams and the variety of dream topics that arise from them.

Journal 4  Dream #615   April 14, 1995

I’m at something like a School of Metaphysics teachers meeting.  We must be in one of the other school centers.  Many different things are happening.  Several of the guys start changing their clothes and I say that I like to observe people’s muscles particularly.  I distinctively remember seeing *D (male teacher). EOD

Translation of Symbols:
School of Metaphysics –  state of mind related to spiritual learning
Teachers Meeting – aspects of self unified in purpose
Guys –  conscious aspects of the dreamer
Clothes – tools for outer expression
Muscles – means of mobility
*D – Superconscious aspect

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream is how the Prolific Dreamer is using his authority.  This is a dream of experimentation.  The dreamer is not really sure where he is and his attention is scattered among “many different things.”  Although he wanted his focus to be upon his learning, it became how he is consciously stimulating reactions through different ways he is expressing himself.

In the end, this subconscious message directs our dreamer’s attention to his highest ideals as symbolized by *D.  He will find the authority he seeks in his own superconscious mind.

Prolific Dreamer – Attacked by an Army of Women

Dream #1287   May 1, 1997

I am watching a movie, and I am in this movie where there is a huge fortified city in the desert somewhere in the future.  There is an army preparing to attack the fortified city.  They have brown jeeps and soldiers clad in brown and huge 4-legged robot walkers that are brown.

There are women clothed in white dresses that are attacking the fort with the army.  They are special and usually they cannot be killed.  The women are called the “Forbidden Ones” but there is a place at the back of the fortress where they can be killed.  A man and a woman are standing on one of the fortress walls.  

From the brown army comes a missile which strikes the fortress.  There is a pit where all of the Forbidden Ones fall into where they die.   EOD

Translation of Symbols:
City – a condition of mind where many aspects are connected
desert – a lack of productivity in subconscious existence
future – attention on what can be
army (military) – discipline
jeeps – physical body
soldiers – disciplined aspects of Self
colors – indicates the level of consciousness where the dream is taking place
clothes – how the dreamer is expressing self
robots – brain pathways
women – conscious aspects of the dreamer
fortress – attitude of protection or defense
missile – tool intended to cause massive change
pit – open place in mind substance
death – change

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

Prolific Dreamer’s imagination is active throughout this dream.  Its message centers upon attitudes that lack productivity and why this has not  changed in the dreamer’s thinking.  There are two camps that have been established in the dreamer’s thinking:  1) pathways that have been established through habit and 2) subconscious patterns that are immortal.   The habit patterns are beliefs housed in the brain.  They are temporary in nature because they are of the physical body.  The subconscious patterns are understood experiences that can be seen as wisdom on the level of soul.  The key is how discipline is being used in what the dreamer is imagining.  He is imagining conflict of a high order.  A question for the Prolific Dreamer to ask himself is:  Is what I imagine worth fighting for?

Prolific Dreamer – What Was Your First Dream?

Dream #1 January 12, 1994

Surrounded by friends outside in a field. All of them were conversing in little groups and even good friends seemed to be ignoring me. I knew we were on either a field trip or a youth group retreat. *K (known female) was there. Teacher or adult says we can stay but another student said it might rain and that the water would be poisonous.

Dream shifts to a news reporter standing inside a plane talking about the dangerous high altitude air and dangerous temperature, somehow it´s supposed to relate to our situation.

Then dream shifts to a park like, amusement park situation and we take a tour on a protected and partially-roofed in monorail system. Again, danger of poisonous rain. Gradually fading shades of blue in sky. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

Friends – aspects or qualities of Self

Field – fertile mind substance, ready to receive imaged desires

*K (female) – subconscious aspect

Teacher (adult) – superconscious aspect

Water (rain) – conscious life experience

Reporter – subconscious aspect of self providing information

Plane – an organization, such as a company, a church, a club, etc.

Amusement Park – place in mind for entertainment, the game of life

Monorail – organization

Sky – superconscious existence

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

In life when we go out of our comfort zone of already-established beliefs, new experiences can be perceived as threatening because they go against what we have known our whole lives. This is the dilemma our Prolific Dreamer finds himself facing. The theme of this dream is attentiveness to the quality of the life experiences. The Prolific Dreamer enlists the aid of the subconscious and superconscious minds to help him acknowledge his capacity to receive more from his everyday experiences.

There are two organizations involved in his quest to “get somewhere”. The first is concerned with new ways to go a long distance. The second concerns a way the Prolific Dreamer sees life as a game. The difference between the airborne craft and the train tied to a rail may tell the dreamer the relative value of the two organizations in his life. In both cases, acknowledging healthier life choices is this dream’s message.

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Prolific Dreamer – Quality Photos Get Her Attention

Journal 13 Dream #2267 August 20, 1999

First, I am with some women, like Oklahoma Woman Magazine or something. So I’m trying to get this one very pretty, thin, slightly dark-skinned girl. There’s this book that talks about how to attract the right woman, so I decide to use my resources to pursue this girl.

It’s like we’re in this giant warehouse or something and I make certain decisions that are different from what other people would do but I know they’re leading me in the right direction. Instead of selling my computer, I chose to use the software to create some photo quality prints. The girl was impressed. I remember jokingly biting her thigh to get her attention. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

women – unknown subconscious aspects

Oklahoma Woman Magazine – information

girl – unknown subconscious aspect

book – information available in the dreamer’s life

warehouse – signifies a state of mind holding something valuable

computer – the physical brain

photo prints – manifestation of a desire

thigh – movement of creative thought

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The theme of this dream is connecting to the inner self, particularly the dreamer’s capacity to visualize. The dream is relevant to what happened in the dreamer’s life the previous day. Our Prolific Dreamer used a universal law to access his subconscious potential. That law is the Law of Attraction. He was pulling on subconscious understandings rather than giving up on something he wanted. From information he had received in his waking life (things he has learned), he drew upon memory to manifest a desire, to make something happen. This furthered his creative experience in the now.

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Prolific Dreamer – Evil Jedi

Journal 18 Dream #2929       May 30, 2007

There was a man who was evil, was loved by some kind of Jedi. I knew the evil man would become a Jedi. He called the Jedi that was fighting him a Fusion Warrior.

The emperor meets Han Solo and offers him a better job. Han was talking about all these low paying jobs. Han’s afraid of what the Emperor suggests because of his drug addiction. The Emperor asks him questions to discontinue this. Princess Leia also enters the scene. The Emperor laughs and says he’s almost tired of winning. I think to myself that this wont be true for long. EOD


Translation of Symbols:

Jedi Man – dreamer’s imagination relating to Superconscious Mind

Fighting – conflict

Han Solo – dreamer’s imagination relating to Conscious Mind

Low Paying Job – low self worth

Drug Addiction – lack of will

Princess Leia – dreamer’s imagination relating to Superconscious Mind


Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

This dream presents a dilemma immediately for the dreamer interpreter. Can you see it might be?

It occurs in this sentence:

Han’s afraid of what the Emperor suggests because of his drug addiction.

Without the dreamer’s feedback, we can read this sentence two ways. We can read it as Han’s addiction. And we can read it as the Emperor’s addiction. Which of these is actually true makes ALL the difference in how this dream is interpreted. (It is important to note that referencing the dreamer’s experience determines its content – NOT the guesses of the interpreter!!)

So, we went to the Prolific Dreamer. He told us that the drug addiction in his dream belongs to Han Solo. We also had a question about the next sentence:

The Emperor asks him questions to discontinue this.

We asked the Prolific Dreamer to verify that what was being discontinued in his dream was the drug addiction. He said, Yes.

Now we have the clarity that we need to interpret his dream.

This dream indicates that the dreamer is aware of conflict within himself. The Star Wars theme says a few things about this particular conflict. First, Star Wars, is a movie, and so reflects in the Universal Language of Mind© an imaginative consciousness. In other words, the conflict is internal, and deals with how the imagination is being used, whether by a “Jedi” or an “evil man.” In short, the first part of the dream indicates that the dreamer is considering and attempting to be positive with the imagination, but there is a tendency to be unproductive or negative.

The second part of the dream continues the theme of imaginative thinking, informing the Prolific Dreamer about how he’s faring in this endeavor. The negative thinking our dreamer is allowing produces low self worth. The cause for this is revealed in the dream as a misuse of his conscious will. The P.D. has been pushing too hard for Superconscious awareness to the point of arrogance and imbalance. The dream informs him it is time to give power to his more feminine, receptive Superconscious Mind, therefore ceasing to be a “legend in his own mind” only.

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Prolific Dreamer – Abandoned Hotel

One of 1000 dream journal entries documented by one man over a period of 20 years.  The Prolific Dreamer gains insight into what his dreams are telling him about his waking life.

Dream #666  June 10, 1995

My dad and I go to stay at this desolate vacant hotel/motel. It’s cold out and I’m wondering how we will get heat when there is no one even operating the place. We almost kind of have to sneak in as well. *L (known female) and some other people actually are inside. *L and I are talking while she is on a bed. She asks me if I like her butt and I say yes. We talk for a while and I think she is very cute. There are other people but we don’t converse as much. EOD


Dad – Superconscious aspect

Temperature – measurement of extremes

Hotel –  Universal Mind

*L – subconscious aspect

Butt – thoughts relating to release

Other People – unknown, unidentified aspects of the dreamer

Bed – tool for assimilation

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

The Prolific Dreamer is hiding something, from himself. To find out what, we examine the images in the dream in the Universal Language of Mind©. Perhaps the previous day, the dreamer went to extreme lengths to engage others to seemingly no avail. His efforts were empty because at first he did not accept the authority for his choices. By referencing a subconscious understanding of release, the dreamer can recognize why the hotel is empty in his dream. The dream’s message tells the Prolific Dreamer that when he lets go of an attitude represented by *L he will be more equipped to open his mind to the expansiveness of universal mind.

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Prolific Dreamer – Fragmented Dreams

One of 1000 dream journal entries documented by a single male dreamer over 20 years.  The Prolific Dreamer receives insight from our dreamologists into how the dream’s message relates to his everyday life.

Dream #337 September 22, 1994

Simultaneous action. I’m talking to *J (female known to me). I’m trying to find out if she wants to do anything. Parents, convenience store. Dressed up, I was. Blood dripping VCR movie with Enigma song. *J and I both doing math. Two girls carelessly trodding through my house dropping pens. I’m talk to guy later. He has a gun and so do I. We both lay our weapons down. Also something about *M. EOD

Translation of Symbols:

*J – subconscious aspect of the dreamer

Parents – Superconscious aspect

Store – place in universal mind

Clothes – how the dreamer is expressing the Self

Blood – life force

VCR/movie – product of the imagination

Song – harmony

Math – understanding of identity and relativity

Girls – unknown subconscious aspects

Pens – tool for communication

Gun – tool for change

*M – conscious aspect of the dreamer

Brief Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind©:

This theme points to the dreamer relying upon a subconscious understanding to aid him in a change he wants to make in his identity. It is not just any change. This change is centered on how the dreamer influences others through universal mind. He wants to do so harmoniously. By reviewing his previous day, our Prolific Dreamer will find how he has been using his imagination energetically to stimulate himself and others, and perhaps what change he could have made and didn’t.

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Prolific Dreamer – Four Dreams in One Night

One of 1000 dream journal entries documented by a single male dreamer over 20 years.  The Prolific Dreamer receives insight from our dreamologists into how the dream’s message relates to his everyday life.

Dream #4440                May 30, 2007

I’m at a very simple dinner theater.  After the host takes our order and finds out what we generally like he chooses the performance.  He brings it out slowly.  Each piece of the performance is important and builds on itself.  I am brought lots of different kinds of bacon to eat.  My alarm goes off before I can finish the dream. 


dinner theater – signifies an imaginative frame of mind

host – unknown conscious aspect related to service

bacon – knowledge

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

The theme of this dream is how the dreamer is using imagination to learn.  This dream reflects someone who enjoys using the imagination (dinner theater) to decide what to experience and cause it to happen deliberately and intentionally.  As a result, knowledge (bacon) becomes available to the dreamer.

Dream  #4441                May 30, 2007

I’m in a gas station.  I see this black guy and I want to give him a brochure for the School of Metaphysics.  I have to call after him and follow him out to the pumps.  I give him one and I give some other people a brochure.  I eventually go wait in a friend’s vehicle.


gas station – place to receive energy for the body

black guy – conscious aspect related to self doubt

School of Metaphysics brochure – information related to spiritual learning

other people – unknown aspects

vehicle – physical body

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

This theme of this dream is energizing the body.  This dream reflects someone who puts forth effort to replace self doubt by putting themselves in a position to learn something new.  Meeting indecisiveness with learning that thought is cause has an energizing effect on many parts of the self.

Dream #4442                May 30, 2007

There is discussion about my friend *D.  For some reason we need to track him down and talk to him.  I ask some people how he is and I think about what he might be doing.


*D – conscious aspect

people – unknown aspects

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:

This theme is driven by the appearance of the *D, a friend of the dreamer.  As we identify what certain people in our dreams reflect in ourselves, we can receive a dream’s message with greater clarity every time that person shows up in a dream.  The Prolific Dreamer is the only one who can determine which aspect of himself *D represents.  There is a desire to reconnect with that quality.  For instance, this could be someone who desires to rekindle their imagination, their humor, or being more expressive or forthright.

Dream #4443                May 30, 2007

I’m sleeping on a hide-a-bed in my living room or a den.  *C opens the front door, says something and leaves.  I follow her later and she’s in a room with several different kinds of people.  She seems to be in charge of something there.

Somehow I reverse time and I follow what she did earlier.  I see her taking her mom and some kids to the movies and she’s trying to find a good, kid-appropriate movie.  One of them she looks at, but it has partial nudity in one scene.  I tell her I would have liked it as a kid.  


sleeping – indicates a loss of consciousness and will

bed – tool for assimilation

living room/den – part of mind related to rejuvenation or socialization

*C – subconscious aspect

*C’s mom – subconscious aspect

kids – unknown aspects in development

movie – imagination

partial nudity – honesty

Interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind:
The theme of this dream is relativity.  It informs the dreamer of how he used memory and imagination during the previous day.  The time reversal symbolizes retracing steps in the thinking to identify cause in his life.  This dream opens as the dreamer is assimilating, meaning he is in a contemplative frame of mind regarding a subconscious (*C) aspect of Self symbolizing leadership. There are two factors impacting how the dreamer is developing himself as an individual (kids):  imagination (movies) and honesty (nudity).  Understanding of this came through hindsight after this dreamer took some time to “sleep on it.”

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